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Struggling to juggle your life and business?

Getting frustrated that you’re not getting everything done you want to and it’s holding your business growth back?

You’re not alone.


I’m 3 days in and already have more focus than I’ve had in a long while. Thinking much more about what I want from my business ventures and how to balance it with family and free time. It’s really good to be guided and supported, and Tracey-Jane seems to have a limitless supply of encouragement


Who are you?

Managing your own business

…can be lonely. There’s so much to think about, and so many skills needed to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Whilst your family and friends are supportive, they can’t help with everything. But you don’t have the time to find the right resource to help you develop that part of your business.

Running a busy life

…can be wonderful and frustrating in equal measure. So many things to juggle and keep on top of.

You’ve got so much you love doing, so much you want to do. But you’re not sure what to do first, or how to fit it all in, and around your family, work and other commitments.

Feeling out of balance in the work you’re currently doing

…can make you unhappy. You’ve done so well in your life, but something isn’t quite right now.

You’re busy keeping on keeping on, but it no longer feels right. You feel like you’re going round in circles, and nothings working like it used to.

You know something needs to change, but you’re not sure what, or how. And you’re busy doing stuff, so how on earth can you fit more in to your already packed weeks?

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