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Make a small change for success

I've seen a lot of talk this week about "getting back to normal" after a period of time off for many. In my house there's never really a "normal", so that doesn't fit the language we use. When I took my teenage sons to our weekly Pilates session this morning, our...

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5 tips for creating new ideas

When you're growing a business or social enterprise, it helps to be constantly creating new ideas. New ideas while they can be distracting and take your focus off your core business, can also bring vitality and new life to a long term enterprise. Keeping you fresh and...

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Know your target group defines your vision

When you're clear who your target group is, it's so much easier to grow your business. Who is in your target group? You'll have an idea who is in your target group, but I know from experience many business owners say "everyone". I get it, I really do. In fact, two...

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Is life and business all about balance

Life is all about balance. If we don't find balance on our feet, or sit balanced in our wheelchair, we fall over. If we don't get the work life balance right, we feel stretched in all the wrong ways. If you're not being yourself you usually feel unbalanced. The...

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What makes an award winning business owner?

Being an award winning business owner is one of the proudest moments of your business journey. Just like an actor winning an Oscar, it can be one of the most exciting things to happen in your career. Even being nominated for business awards is a real achievement. Does...

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5 ways to fund your business growth

Having a clear vision and passion for your business is brilliant, and will keep you motivated to succeed. However you'll still have bills to pay, and food to put on the table and petrol in the car whilst you're growing an income from your new ideas. What options have...

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Prepare for change when you grow your passion

When I first started growing my business I had no idea how my life would change. I wasn't prepared for change. I was so focused on developing my passion and my idea. Change happened. I was so focused on growing my passion into a business, that I lost sight of things...

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Knowing what is success for you and your business

When you know what success is for you, it's easier to plan to achieve it. It may not be about the amount of money you earn, or the number of products you've sold. It really doesn't matter what it is, but you need to be really clear about what is success for you. Just...

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Have you got time to grow your business.

Have you got time to grow your business is a question that can be looked at in two ways. Both are important when you're planning out if you're ready to put time and commitment into growing your passion or idea into an income stream. Have you got time in your life to...

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How will your business idea make money?

Ensuring your business idea makes money for you is a great first step on your business journey. Once you've worked out if your passion is the right thing to turn into a business for you, the next step is about understanding HOW your idea can make money for you. Or, if...

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Running a business changes your life forever

Is this just a fleeting idea or are you committed to changing your life forever? Running your own business is a commitment. When you first start, you can’t switch off. You’re in charge. Of everything. That in itself can be overwhelming for some. How do you know how to...

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Business Success Story – Cambridge Bra Lady

I'm Emma Launchbury and I run Cambridge Bra Lady, a home bra fitting service across Cambridgeshire. I am a fully trained bra fitter, specialising in maternity & nursing bra fittings. I have a home bra fitting service in the Cambridgeshire area and also...

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How to find my passion

When I started my first business, I was passionate about my cause. I was passionate because I didn't want others to experience the same problem I had - buying a bra that fitted one week and not the next. Sounds simple, right? But we all know (whether you buy bras...

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Why you need a plan to bring your vision to life

It's great that you've got a vision for your business. You're really clear about where you're going and what you want to achieve. (If you haven't you want to go here for 4 steps to create your business vision first, then come back here). Without a plan though, how are...

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Growing a business isn’t easy – a new Mum’s story

One new Mum's business growth story There was once a new Mum who decided to start a business, whilst on maternity leave. She'd not run a business before, but she was enthusiastic, organised and friends told her, "if anyone can be successful, it's you".She did the...

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