13 week Business Planner for busy business owners

Using a business planner for business owners can be really important to your business success. If you’re juggling lots of things in your life, trying to stay on track with your business growth can be challenging sometimes. Family, children, personal goals, and volunteering can all “get in the way” of our business growth. However, those things are important to us, and we need to find a way to make them all work together.

I’ve found with my own busy family over the years that I’ve struggled to have everything in one place, and I’ve often felt out of control. So I’ve developed the 13 week Business Planner for business owners to help you have everything in one place:

  • Personal development goals
  • Family commitments
  • Business success goals
  • The elements of business to focus on to achieve success these next few weeks


Business Planner for Business Owners

This 320 page 13 week planner includes the following:

  • 13 week diary overview and main focus
  • 13 week goal setting with business checklists for each aspect of your growing business
  • Month diary overview with checklists to focus your attention on what’s important this month (it may be family or personal, or it could be an important month for your business development)
  • Week diary at a glance
  • Daily schedule pages
  • Notes and ideas pages
  • Task lists (Business, Personal, Family and Projects)

If you’d like more support to grow and develop yourself and your business, join us at the Business Cheerleading Club for monthly coaching, training and ongoing support to help you achieve your business and personal goals, despite your busy family and life.

I love the daily pages, that start with “I am grateful for” They will definitely make me make my lists better in the morning. And the weekly focus pages too. They’re great.

Business Owner, Mum, Volunteer, Wife & worker at another business



One time purchase

Purchase the Business Planner for Busy People as a one off purchase.

Help yourself plan, focus and stay in control of your busy life and growing your business for the next 13 weeks with the Business Planner.

INTRODUCTORY OFFER, only £27 (Usually £34)

Try out the Business Planner task lists, business checklists and staying on track with your own chosen measures of achievement.

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Help yourself plan, focus and stay in control of your busy life and growing your business for the next 13 weeks with the Business Planner, knowing that you don’t have to think about your next planner.

It’s on it’s way. We’ll look after that. All you need to do is subscribe, and we’ll send you a new 13 week business planner in 11 weeks time and every 13 weeks after that.

Stay focused, stay on top of your business development, and everything that’s going on in your busy life.

INTRODUCTORY OFFER, only £24 (Usually £27) every 13 weeks for as long as you require the Business Planner for Busy People being sent direct to your door

Includes access to online forum for support and online resources for extra focus on your busy life and growing business


Deborah Marie Isis and Tracey-Jane Hughes

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