Expert Workshops

We hold online workshops every month. The time and day varies depending on the business expert’s availability and time zone. The purpose is to bring experts to you for all aspects of business and personal development so you can learn some quick tips you can put into practice straight away in your business and/or life.

You can take an active part in the workshop, and ask questions in advance, so the business expert can ensure you’re getting exactly what you need to grow yourself and/or your business. Workshops take place using Zoom, which is free for you to access and use. You’ll need to follow the instructions sent to you to download the initial software to enable you to join the workshop room.

We aim to keep workshops to an hour in length. Questions and answers may continue after the hour. These are also recorded as we often learn from what others are asking, and we see this as an extension to your learning about that particular topic.

All expert workshops are recorded, with an online support forum for each workshop available to continue the conversation and learning. Many of the workshops come with checklists or templates depending on the topic or the business expert. These are shared with you to download for using in your own life and business within our Success Academy, online learning and support area.

Note: All workshops are free to Business Cheerleading Club members

NEXT (One hour online) WORKSHOPS

Wednesday 16th January 2pm GMT

Start the year as you mean to go on – Motivated

Start the year motivated to succeed.

Learn how to maintain your motivation with Empowering Success Coach Alice Bromage.

Alice has worked around the globe, in the military, corporates and her own business.

Alice recognised traits in highly talented individuals frustrated that they were not achieving as much as they aspired to in their lives – personally, professionally or both. Alice created her resilience leadership, team development, and coaching business to empower success in individuals and teams.

Change starts with you.

In this workshop, Alice will motivate you to thrive this year, with tips to ensure you stay on track to your success.

Thursday 14th February 1pm GMT

Make Content Marketing Work For You

In this workshop Marketing expert Samantha Brightwell will cover:

  • What is content marketing?

  • Defining your goals

  • Clarifying your values

  • How to tell compelling stories

  • Creating your buyer personas

  • How to create simple landing pages

  • The value of blogging to your business

  • Developing your social media strategy

  • Planning micro-content to support your business narrative

Phew! It’s a lot to cover in 60 minutes so we’ll only touch the surface. The workshop will be interactive to make it as useful for you to put things into practice straight away.


Starting a difficult conversation

Expert mediator Simona Frumen helps us learn what to do in preparation to start a difficult conversation. We all have them, in all parts of our lives.

Increasing your online visibility by commenting

Learn how to be seen more online with online visibility and blogging expert Alice Elliott.

Simply by commenting.

Using Instagram to grow your small business brand

Learn how to use Instagram to grow your business brand with digital expert Claire Jones-Hughes

Creating and maintaining your business mindset

Learn how to create or improve your business mindset with expert Lottie Moore

How to manage your clients expectations – the magic tool your business needs

Learn from small business expert Annabel Kaye how to keep you and your clients happy and on the same page

Getting comfortable with live streaming for your business

Get comfortable using live stream to share your story with your clients with Alice Andreat

Get your website making you money not costing you

Discover simple steps to get your website bringing you clients with Alison Rothwell

De stressing is easier than you think

Tools to help you de-stress with ease with Laura Donnelly

Starting your own PR

Learn how to do your own PR with these simple steps.

PR expert Carrie Eddins shows us how we can all get noticed by the media, with just a few minutes each week.

Planning the year ahead

Learn some simple ways to plan the year ahead with Tracey-Jane Hughes

Motivation for success

Success coach Alice Bromage shares some ways to stay motivated

Tracey-Jane Hughes business coach

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