Ready to get off the starting blocks with your business?

Are you ready to get off the starting blocks with your business in 2019?

To start the year as never before and grow your business in the way you’ve been dreaming about

get off the starting blocks in your business

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Are you running a business, which isn’t earning the income you want from it yet?

Do you juggle lots of things in your life & haven’t been focusing on your business enough?

Are you still exploring if this is the right business for you to grow in 2019?

Then this 5 day business challenge is for you.

Get off the blocks 5 day business challenge will get you:

  • thinking in a new way about your business, and what you want it to be and do for you in 2019
  • planning and preparing your business ready for starting 2019 with fast action taking
  • getting all your resources together for those quick first steps
  • ensuring you’re in the right mindset to get off the blocks and grow your business

Delivered by email each day, and on our online learning platform, you’ll have one business challenge to do each day to get you and your business off the starting blocks. You commit as long as you like to each challenge, but to get off your blocks you’ll need at least 30 minutes a day.

I’m 3 days in and already have more focus than I’ve had in a long while. Thinking much more about what I want from my business ventures and how to balance it with family and free time. It’s really good to be guided and supported, and Tracey-Jane seems to have a limitless supply of encouragement

Lora, 5 day kick start challenge participant

How will the 5 day business challenge help me?

  • You’ll spend dedicated time each day on your business, your goals, and your plans. When you spend time on your business you feel excited about the future
  • You’ll work out what’s important for you at the start of the new year. Knowing what’s important makes you feel confident
  • You’ll develop confidence to take the next steps towards your goal. Having confidence, well, you just feel more confident in everything you do, right?
  • You’ll be working with other business owners who are as excited as you to get off the starting blocks when the gun goes. Being part of a group makes you feel like you belong, rather than trying to do everything by yourself as usual.

Confidence, understanding, belonging are they things you want for your business?

Ready to get off the starting blocks with your business in 2019?

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